Nutritional Detoxification for your Thryoid

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Nutritional Detox

1. Most detoxing takes place when we are sleeping. If you are always in overdrive detoxification can’t take place. We must be relaxed for detoxification to happen. 

2. Your body is designed to constantly be “cleaning house” or removing toxins and debris that build up in the body. 

3. Without ensuring your digestion and other systems are running optimally, detoxification can overload a system and toxins can recirculate in the body. 

Detoxification is the way the body heals and repairs itself 

Body Systems involved in Detoxification: 

Cardiovascular ~ circulating blood cleanses other detox sites such as the liver

Lymphatic ~ fluid flow through lymph where pathogens are filtered out

Digestive ~ GI tract scans food for invaders, detoxes poorly digested and 

  fermented toxins all of which leave the body through elimination

~ Liver- cleans and purifies blood by filtering toxins from blood &

    neutralizing them before elimination (includes pharmaceuticals)

~ Gallbladder neutralizes toxins which are carried out through the bile

    and excreted in elimination!

Kidneys ~ Filter blood and remove waste through urine

Skin ~ Sweat glands are like a second kidney removing waste through sweating

Lungs ~ eliminate waste like carbon dioxide

  • Fasting is not recommended for someone with blood sugar issues or what is commonly called hypoglycemia or low blood sugar.

  • Releasing toxins too quickly can be detrimental

  • The liver is the Spring organ. A good time for detoxification is in Spring because our bodies tend to hold on to things through the winter. 

  • Scientists estimate that humans carry over 700 toxic chemicals in their body. A toxin is defined by any substance that creates irritating and/or harmful effects in the body. 

  • ANY substance in excess can create toxic elements in the body. 

Pesticides and your food

Strawberries: the soil in strawberry fields are/were repeatedly saturated with methyl bromide and covered with plastic sheets. Methyl Bromide kills all weeds, insects and soil microbes. In 1999 over 5 million pounds of Methyl Bromide were applied to strawberry fields in CA. Methyl Bromide is a category 1 acute toxin (the most toxic kind). Side effects of exposure include: headaches, nausea, muscle aches, blurred vision, dizziness, damage to lungs, kidneys and other systems in the body. Field workers are often told they have the flu when picking berries in June and July. Source: Kimbrel, A., Fatal Harvest 2002.


Processed lifeless food is seen by the body as a toxin. 

Too much food consumed at one time uses too much energy. It doesn’t leave any energy for “house cleaning” 

The best foods to consume for maintaining healthy systems and proper detoxification 

Check for the list of the CLEAN 15 and DIRTY DOZEN produce guides to know which items you should always buy organic and which are okay to buy conventional. 

Foods that love the liver:  

acerola cherries rose hips red chili peppers kiwi mango  guava sweet peppers

strawberries parsley  cantaloupe citrus fruits papaya asparagus  collard greens

kale cauliflower red cabbage broccoli brussel sprouts spinach

Consume High Quality Fats: keeps your gallbladder working well and bile free flowing

Avocado oil, coconut oil, olive oil, ghee, lard, tallow or expeller pressed sesame oil 

If you are not digesting your food, even the most perfect diet can clog detox pathways.

  • It is important you are relaxed when you sit down to eat a meal. Take time to give thanks, take a deep breath, chew and savor each bite (ideally 20-30 times). 

  • The breakdown of proteins provides amino acids that are critical to detoxification throughout the body. It is important to know if you are making enough stomach acid!

  • Poor fat digestion clogs the lymphatic system and the liver- if you don’t have a gallbladder it is imperative you take bile salts with each meal. 

  • If your blood sugar is out of control your liver will be stressed  Sugar depletes B vitamins (B6 needed by the liver to detox and B2 needed for the detoxification pathways to work properly

  • Fat tissue is the storage shed for toxins like metals, petroleum and other chemicals (soap, shampoo, hair styling products, make up, shave cream)

• Consuming and Digesting healthy fats causes less liver stress

  • Bile is built of healthy fat- toxins flow through and are removed by bile

  • Minerals from the soil and your food are needed by the body for detoxification

• Selenium detoxes heavy metals (many people with thyroid problems are deficient in selenium)

  • Zinc is depleted by heavy metals and needed to produce adequate stomach acid

  • Molybdenum plays a role in detoxing- if you are sensitive to perfumes, smoke, diesel fumes it indicate deficiency

  • Water is extremely important for detoxification. Keeping hydrated (half your body weight in water approximately) helps the body flush toxins through the urine and keeps elimination regular (two major detox pathways)

  • Keeping hydrated allows the body to sweat out toxins. The skin is the largest detoxification pathway the body has. Taking regular saunas is ideal

  • Hydration allows your lung tissue to remain moist and detox through carbon dioxide

  • Hydration keeps your blood fluid allowing intracellular waste to be transported through the liver