After years of yo-yo dieting, losing and gaining weight over and over, I was at my breaking point. It didn’t matter what I did to lose weight, I would lose 5-10 pounds, very slowly, and then I would plateau. I followed EVERY DIET out there and have spent THOUSANDS of dollars on them. I was constantly bloated, tired, moody, felt fat and disgusting, and hated how I felt and what I saw staring back at me. I reached out to Stephanie to see if she though she could help me. We started working together.... by the end of the third week I slept better, I didn’t have to make a mad dash for the bathroom every time I ate, I wasn’t as moody as I had been and I felt really good! After two months of working with her I have made HUGE progress in my road to healing my body from all of the years of ‘dieting’ and eating processed, unhealthy foods! I no longer use the words diet, low-fat, nonfat, low calorie, sugar free, etc. I am down 21 pounds and.... have made a change that will last a lifetime. I have NEVER felt better and I have my life back thanks to Stephanie!
— Angela S.
Stephanie is great to work with. I have more insight into the understanding of supplements and the power of different foods on our digestive system. I am overweight and Stephanie never made me feel bad about that - she is open and honest with a gift for making you feel comfortable in the skin you are in. She has a deep desire to help everyone learn how to feel better nutritionally. I was truly amazed by the change in my beginning graph to the progress graph after just one month on supplements along with different food choices. I have learned how to listen to what my body is telling me and act on those signals. Stephanie is a perfect partner to help anyone on their journey of becoming healthier and feeling better with just a few simple changes to achieve your goals.
— -Laura S.
Stephanie taught me how my body is impacted by the foods that I eat. She taught me how to recognize how my body responds to certain foods. This resulted in more mindful eating, less stress placed on eating, increased mood, decreased anxiety and a better functioning body. Her recommendations were ‘do-able’ and at a moderate pace. Stephanie is understanding and kind, non judgmental, easy to schedule and communicate with. I would 100% recommend her to anyone struggling with bodily function or mood disorder. Be it digestion, migraines, sleep, getting pregnant, anxiety, depression etc. She has a talent in helping people identify their needs and pairing those with affordable, manageable solutions in a holistic manner. Not only does she share her own knowledge, she refers clients to read the works of other experts in the field. She provides a variety of options instead of a single solution and recognize that each individual is unique.
— Jennifer B.
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