CoQ10 for energy. Does thyroid medication come from China? What is a flare? Episode 12.

No "transcript this time". Here are the links for the stuff I talked about though. 



WP Thyroid Website

Urban Moonshine Energy Tonic


Trace Minerals

Here are the listener questions:

Hello Stephanie,

I've recently started listening to your podcast and the information you provide is extremely helpful! I too used to take WP Thyroid and can no longer obtain it so I thought I would try a compounded version of NDT along with the GTA Forte supplement that you are taking. Are you sure you are taking 100% natural desiccated thyroid powder from pig glands. I've been looking all over the country for a porcine powder made in the US. Most of what I have found is imported from China and some compounding pharmacists that I've talked with don't know the difference between NDT and chemically based T4 & T3 which is very scary. Please advise at your earliest convenience. Respectfully, Theresa

Hi Stephanie,

Firstly really love your podcast.

I  have hashimotos and am working with a gastro nutritionist who has recommended I take COQ10 for my fatigue. I have started to take this and have found this very helpful particularly around the afternoon slump. What are your thoughts on COQ10? Will this affect my thyroxine medication?


I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's about a year ago, and started on Levo. I was put on Armour Thyroid at the first of the year, and have done ok on it for the most part. However, every few months it seems as if I puff up again (puffiness around my eyes), start gaining weight, start losing hair. Are these symptoms of what they call a "flare" and how can I stop the symptoms? What should I do in the middle of a flair? Can I prevent them from happening at all?