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Stephanie is great to work with. I have more insight into the understanding of supplements and the power of different foods on our digestive system. I am overweight and Stephanie never made me feel bad about that - she is open and honest with a gift for making you feel comfortable in the skin you are in. She has a deep desire to help everyone learn how to feel better with nutrition. I was truly amazed by the change in my symptoms and the progress I made after just one month on supplements along with different food choices. I have learned how to listen to what my body is telling me and act on those signals. Stephanie is a perfect partner to help anyone on their journey of becoming healthier and feeling better with just a few simple changes to achieve your goals.
— Laura S. Minneapolis, MN
I left my Doctors office and she was smiling! I am down in all of my numbers. My A1C is back at 6.4 instead of 7. I can pass all four of the BMI requirements for the insurance. She even changed my metformin dose. Another satisfied customer. Thanks!
— Sherrie
I have learned more about myself and how food affects me. Stephanie is very easy to talk with, listens well and responds quickly with detailed recommendations and information. She was easy to work with and has a great health analysis tool. I would recommend her any chance I get.
— Jill
Stephanie’s depth of knowledge surpassed my expectations and gave me easy to access progress with my health issues. She doesn’t force ideal world/unrealistic solutions but coaches instead of dictates. As a result of working with Stephanie I had less chronic dehydration, lowered blood sugar, and better digestion. I would recommend her to others because she treats everyone as an individual, it was fun to work with her.
— David
Stephanie taught me how my body is impacted by the foods that I eat. She taught me how to recognize how my body responds to certain foods. This resulted in more mindful eating, less stress placed on eating, increased mood, decreased anxiety and a better functioning body. Her recommendations were “do-able” and at a moderate pace. Stephanie is understanding and kind, non judgmental, and easy to schedule and communicate with. I would 100% recommend her to anyone struggling with bodily function or mood disorder. Be it digestion, migraines, sleep, getting pregnant, anxiety, depression etc., she has a talent in helping people identify their needs and pairing those with affordable, manageable solutions in a holistic manner. Not only does she share her own knowledge, she refers clients to read the works of other experts in the field of nutrition. She provides a variety of options instead of a single solution and recognize that each individual is unique.
— Jennifer
As a result of working with Stephanie, I found understanding, great support, patience, a wealth of NEW information around my nutritional health and help in looking at my whole nutritional understanding and doing something about it. She helped me re-train my taste. For the first time, someone addressed my lack of a gallbladder, put me on the kind of supplements I need for this and as a result my digestive tract is well on its way to being balanced. She listened to me intently and was able to identify the needed changes in my diet that have changed me holistically. The plan she put me on AMAZINGLY lowered my cholesterol levels and triglycerides especially.
— Liz L.