Dessert that can help you sleep.

Taking care of yourself with a healthy treat AND getting good sleep — now that’s a great combination.

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I grew up having dessert around the house all the time. We always had something sweet after dinner. Always. It’s just how things were.

Although I don’t do much sugar these days, I do enjoy a sweet treat occasionally. Chocolate, or too much sugar in general, will keep me up at night, so I wanted to find something I enjoyed, but also had a calming effect.   

Did you know that mangos and Montmorency cherries are natural sleep-aids? They are!

Cherries, in general, are supportive of melatonin production, which is essential for getting that sleep that all of us Hashimoto’s sufferers need to help recover our adrenals. As a side note, wearing blue blocking glasses at night starting around 7 pm will also aid in melatonin production by blocking the blue lights from TV and other screens.

Mangos stimulate the digestive process, leaving you satisfied, yet light and ready to sleep — perfect for entering the body’s parasympathetic mode of resting, digesting, and repairing. Mango is rich in potassium, packed with enzymes, and a prebiotic food.

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Both mangos and cherries are high in vitamin C and beta-carotene to give you a boost of beneficial nutrients.

I figured combining mangos and cherries into a delicious sweet treat for night time just made sense. After all, if we can find desserts (and other food) that we enjoy that are also good for our bodies then we are more likely to be successful in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

In this dessert smoothie, you’ll also be adding coconut milk or your favorite nut milk which will give your body some much-needed healthy fats as it prepares for a good night’s sleep — helping you stay asleep longer.

Most people are not sleeping enough. That includes everyone, not just those of us with thyroid problems. The average night’s sleep per person has gone down by about 2 hours from 50 years ago.

Why is sleep so important? It is imperative to avoid chronic illness. It is more important than your diet, exercise and stress. Sleep also helps you heal when you are sick. There are studies to show the role sleep plays in healing from breast cancer — you need to sleep when fighting such an illness.

While you are sleeping, your body, including your brain, is detoxifying and your brain cells are getting smaller to increase the space between them. This allows the toxins to be easily flushed into the blood and filtered through the liver and kidneys. If you are not sleeping long enough or deep enough, this waste can build up affecting your brain health and function.

Not getting enough sleep affects your cravings, insulin resistance, mood, and your overall health. It affects your ability to think clearly, remember things, make good decisions or any decisions, and eat more, among other things.

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Drink this delicious smoothie about an hour after dinner or a few hours before you go to bed.  It is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth, promote healing, and help you sleep well at night. As always, it’s organic, gluten- and dairy-free.  

Mango Sleep Smoothie


¾ cup organic frozen chopped mangos (or fresh mango and ice cubes)

¼ cup Montmorency Cherry juice (I like Eden Organic brand)

1 cup of your favorite organic nut milk or coconut milk.


Put all ingredients in a blender

Blend until smooth and creamy

Serves: 1

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