Week four on The Autoimmune Protocol

This week, week four of my journey on AIP went pretty well. I think I am paying for the chocolate I ate last week with a pain in my right hip. Not sure if it is arthritis type pain because I don’t know what arthritis feels like. It is sore and achy. The same feeling I had when I woke up the morning of August 16th. Then, it hung around for a month or so until I started to get more serious about the Autoimmune Protocol in October of this year. It took about 6 weeks but that pain went away. It is sneaking back and the only thing I ate out of protocol was chocolate. I especially felt it yesterday when my car wouldn’t start so I had to walk around town doing my errands. By the end of the day I could really feel the aching with every step I took. 

It is so frustrating to be eating so well, so clean and still be having issues. It takes a strong individual to complete the Autoimmune Protocol. Warriors of our health is what we are. I am on the edge of giving up most days. I literally picture myself standing on a cliff, ready to jump (to where I don’t know, but this shit gets old real fast). The fact that my thyroid is running slow doesn’t help either. That has me creeping over the fence of depression and it is a daily struggle. Thank you thyroid. I have friends who “get it” but no girlfriends to lean on and hang out with who get me and what I am going through. My husband is gone a lot and he is supportive but he is not here very often to be supportive. When he is home, he is trying hard. He will make dinner when I ask because I am sick and tired of cooking 3 meals a day from scratch.  This weekend he made me steak and cooked carrots and I had a big side salad with it. It was delicious and it was so nice to not have to cook a meal. 

My meals were pretty boring. Meat and veggies for breakfast, soup for lunch, or soup for breakfast and meat and veggies for lunch. Dinner is always meat and veggies. I made chicken fingers and fried zucchini that were coated in a mixture of tigernut flour, cassava flour and arrowroot starch with salt garlic and italian spices. I used an egg base for my kids and for me I just coated the chicken in the flour and fried them. They were a success and they were tasty. 

I had a pizza fail again this week. I don’t remember the crust combination this week but it was not terrible, just boring. I ate it anyway.  I also ate a lot of salad which is okay because I like salad and so does my digestive tract! 

I made short ribs using a recipe from Practical Paleo in the Instant Pot in about an hour. They were made AIP using chicken broth instead of tomato sauce. The nice thing about that book is you get AIP options for many of the recipes. I also made soup in the Instant Pot with soup bones I had in the freezer.  Soup is so simple to make and it is cheap. I took a couple carrots, a couple stalks of celery and an onion and chopped them up. I then sauteed them in a soup pot or dutch oven in some lard until the onions were translucent. About 8 minutes. Then I added the broth and the shredded meat ( I used the leftover meat from the short ribs and the meat from the soup bones), a bay leaf and 2-3 cloves of garlic, minced. I let that simmer, covered until the carrots were almost cooked through (you can tell when they are done if you pierce them and the knife comes out easily) and added 3/4 of a zucchini I had in the fridge. I simmered it some more until the zucchini was tender. I added some chopped parsley at the end. That was my breakfast and lunch all week. 

Last night we had tacos and I made a great tacoish tasting ground beef using turmeric, onion, garlic and oregano. This recipe will be in my newsletter. I used these tortillas and they were really good. What a treat! 

This week is Christmas. We are hosting so I will be making food I can eat. Probably shredded pork shoulder in the Instant Pot and maybe some chicken wings. I am making these cookies, this fudge, and these cookies for treats this week. I am looking forward to the indulgence. 

Enjoy your Holiday, AIP or not! 

In Health,